Gods of Wrath and Ruin by D M Swartwout

Read online books for free no download Gods of Wrath and Ruin

Gods of Wrath and Ruin

D M Swartwout

Page: 510

Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

ISBN: 9798218370039

Publisher: D.M. Swartwout Books LLC

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Read online books for free no download Gods of Wrath and Ruin


Amidst a world in chaos, the fates of Morrigan, Enid, Keena, Helmer, Barret, and Penixia intertwine in a tapestry of turmoil. As Morrigan approaches the rebel stronghold, the warriors of Mina brace themselves for a battle that threatens to consume them all. Enid, ever hopeful, seeks the aid of the gods, praying for a miracle to save her people from the oncoming storm. In the midst of this turmoil, Keena finds herself grappling with her own emotions as she comes to terms with the power of her love for Adriel. As she faces the complexities of her own magic and the dangers that surround her, she finds herself drawn ever closer to the one she loves. For Helmer, the search for his lost grandmother leads him down a path of self-discovery and newfound belonging. Amidst rising tensions within the community, he must navigate his way through a world that seems increasingly uncertain. Barret and Penixia, meanwhile, are consumed by a mission of justice and redemption. Their plan to take down the tyrant Curor Borrowmag and free their people from his oppressive rule is daring and dangerous, but they are determined to see it through to the end. As their individual struggles intertwine, the fate of this world hangs in the balance, a fragile tapestry that threatens to unravel at any moment.





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